Updated November 14, 2018

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen met on Tuesday to discuss the city agenda.

The board approved the ordinance for allowing residential occupancy upstairs in all commercial districts. To receive permission for an upstairs apartment there would have to be parking suitable for the tenants. 

Due to the Pulaski Electric System being a government entity, they are charged not charged property taxes, but pay a calculated amount each year to Pulaski and other communities it serves.  The city received 1 million, one hundred eighty six thousand, one hundred and sixty one dollars.  The total amount PES will pay to all communities involved is one million, five hundred forty five thousand. seven hundred and 10 dollars.  Pulaski’s monies will be added to the General fund.

Christmas Bonuses for the city employees were discussed. The board decided to increase last year’s amount by twenty five dollars and to give the employees a choice of cash or Chamber Bucks.  This year’s bonuses will be $200.

The board also approved the posting for bids for two police cars, which are already in the budget.   

At the closing, City Administrator Terry Harrison, gave some information on the paving work that the city and TDOT have been working on for several years. It was reported that some paving on West College Street, Cedar Lane, a portion of North Third Street and Magazine Road, was scheduled for the very near future.

Aldermen Massey and Bryant asked that the city dog ordinance be addressed at the boards next work session.  Several issues with dog owners not adhering to the law and problems with cats needs to be discussed.