Posted 5/15/24

This is Community RFD Food Box Distribution Week, which means there’ll be no Pop-Up Distribution tomorrow (Wednesday).

The Community RFD volunteer opportunities this week are listed below….

Wednesday, 6 pm, RFD building for set-up for packing night.

Thursday, 5:30 pm, RFD building for packing of food boxes.

Friday, 9:30 am, RFD building for facilitating of home delivery food boxes (same thing at 5:00pm)

Saturday, 7:00am, RFD building for loading trucks with food items for distribution.

Saturday, 8:00 am, Giles County Ag Park for set-up for 9 am food box distribution.

Please consider these opportunities to volunteer with Community Rural Food Delivery, an awesome Giles County Food Ministry and help in the struggle against household food insecurity.