Posted 5/15/24

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office has announced results from its annual roadside observational survey to determine the state’s average seat belt usage rate.

The survey returned a statewide usage rate of 92 percent. The 2023 usage rate represents an increase of approximately 1.5 percent compared to Tennessee’s 2022 survey result.

Every year, the THSO works to improve the state’s seat belt usage rate by increasing occupant protection education through programs like Ollie Otter, Reduce TN Crashes, and other THSO grant-funded initiatives. The THSO also promotes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Click It or Ticket” seat-belt enforcement campaign to remind citizens to buckle up.

The data was collected through an annual roadside observational survey conducted by the University of Tennessee’s Center for Transportation Research during the spring of 2023 in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Uniform Criteria for State Observational Surveys of Seat Belt Use.