Welcome to the online home of The Tennessee Valley's Superstation 97.5 / 98.3 WLX, 106.1 / 93.1 WTNX, 1420 / 100.9 / 107.7 WKSR, The Legend WDXE, and parent company Radio 7 Media, a subsidiary of Prospect Communications. Our locally owned and operated organization aims to serve the needs of Southern Tennessee and North Alabama to be best of our ability. For this reason, we operate a network of 17 AM/FM radio stations across the region and broadcast a variety of programming options to a potential listening audience of nearly 4 million people.

The longest serving station in our family, WKSR-AM, was launched in 1947 in Pulaski, before being joined by WDXE-AM in the early 1950's. WDXE-FM and WKSR-FM, then WMGL-FM, signed on in the 1960's and 1970's. WWLX-AM's legacy is traced back to Lexington, AL when it signed on for the first time in 1981. WLLX-FM went on the air shortly thereafter and has been a mainstay in the area as a source for local news, weather, sports, and great music.

In 2015, WLLX-FM, WWLX-AM, WDXE-FM, WDXE-AM, WKSR-FM, and WKSR-AM joined forces to form a new broadcast entity, Radio 7 Media. As a result, we proceeded with a multi-year project of maximizing each station's coverage for their community of license. WKSR was provided with a new FM frequency that originates from the heart of Giles County. "The X" grew to form a new station born directly from our merger, WTNX, that will continue the heritage of great music and local sports coverage of WDXE-FM. WLLX and WLXA joined together to form The Tennessee Valley’s Superstation 97.5 / 98.3 WLX. The Superstation, home of Today’s Country Hits, features two high powered FM stations. FM 97.5 is a 50,000 watt frequency that originates in Southern Tennessee and FM 98.3 is a 25,000 watt signal that broadcasts from the heart of Northwest Alabama.

Our stations offer only the best music choices between top Top 45 Country Hits of WLX, the Legendary Country of WDXE, and the greatest selection of Classic Hits and The Best of Today on WTNX and WKSR. We also place great effort in ensuring our listeners have access to dependable and factual local news, an accurate, locally developed weather forecast and severe storm coverage, plus a vast network dedicated to sports from local schools.

The Superstation 97.5 / 98.3 WLX, 106.1 / 93.1 WTNX, 100.9 / 107.7 / 1420 WKSR, and The Legend 105.3 / 95.3 / 1370 WDXE are proud to be serving Southern Tennessee and North Alabama!