Posted 5/14/24

Storms caused four tornadoes in Middle Tennessee Wednesday, May 8th, according to the latest from the National Weather Service.

The strongest tornado was rated an EF-3 in Maury County and traveled just over 11 miles, with wind speeds of roughly 140 mph. At the widest portion of that tornado’s path, it stretched across an area equivalent to nine football fields. One person died in Maury County, and the county’s Office of Emergency Management says at least 240 homes were damaged.

In Rutherford County, an EF-0 tornado was one football field wide and traveled just under 3 miles with wind speeds at 80 mph.

The National Weather Service also confirmed an EF-1 tornado at 90 mph in Robertson County.

And finally, the National Weather Service have also determined that Giles County experienced an EF-2 at roughly 115 mph traveling a path that was nearly 6 miles long.