Posted 5/22/24

The Tennessee Department of Education is highlighting the multiple promotion pathways for 3rd grade students who may need extra learning supports, including the 3rd grade English Language Arts, Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program retake assessment and the appeals window for families of 3rd grade students.

The 3rd grade ELA-TCAP retake window will be administered from May 22nd through May 31st. Districts can make this option available for 3rd grade students that scored "approaching" or "below" on the ELA section of the spring TCAP as an additional opportunity to demonstrate proficiency.

Families of students in 3rd grade who scored “approaching” on the ELA section of their spring 3rd grade TCAP or the ELA-TCAP retake may also submit an appeal to the department beginning May 28th through June 28th.

If an appeal is denied, students and families have additional pathways to potentially determine promotion to 4th grade. For more information on promotion pathways and exemptions outlined in the law, please review the graphic below.

New and updated resources are available to support districts and schools as they work with families in determining the best pathway for students. For additional information go to…