Posted 1/21/24

Former Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely was given a three-year sentence after being convicted of two felonies in 2021. He's up for parole March 7th after serving just one year in jail.

Blakely was found guilty of first-degree theft and using his public office for personal gain.

Blakely turned himself into the Franklin County Jail in February 2023. It is unclear why the former sheriff was never moved to the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Blakely has yet to own up to his crimes and has explored every legal avenue possible to stay or get out of jail. He even tried to argue the judge who presided over the case did so illegally due to her not remaining an active member of the state bar. All his appeals so far have been unsuccessful.

The Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles hasn’t disclosed how Blakely has already become eligible for parole.

The Alabama Attorney General's Office refused to comment on this subject.