Posted 3/29/23

May is coming quickly, and may is Mental Health Month.

This year the Mental Health Month campaign focuses on how our surroundings impact mental health.

Research has unveiled that for over half the nation, priceless family history has been lost as their older relatives are no longer around to share it with them.

This lack of connection between people and their past represents a missed opportunity to boost the wellbeing, and finding that knowledge of one’s heritage and background promotes a positive sense of self, solidarity and resilience.

Some of the other finding of this recent research includes…

13% of individuals stated that not knowing enough about their cultural heritage negatively affects their mental health.

23% say that it would improve their mental health if they were able to hear about their family history and background.

18% agree that they are raising their children without having enough information about their cultural heritage.

The take-away from this research is thousands of people have developed a stronger sense of identity by learning more about their heritage during the process of having their life stories shared with others or recorded in some way.