Updated March 12, 2019

Giles County Adult Oriented Establishment Board has asked for more checks of employees at two adult businesses.

Midnight Express and Water Hole Lounge are two businesses at Exit 22 in northern Giles County, which are regulated by the county.

An adult bookstore off I-65 at Exit 6 is regulated by the City of Elkton.

County Attorney Chris Williams will work with the Giles County Sheriff's Department on checking employees at these establishments.

Board members are concerned whether all employees have the required permits to work at Midnight Express and Water Hole Lounge on Lewisburg Highway.

When law enforcement makes inspections, Williams said the law provides that no part of the business is off limits to investigators.

According to Giles County Clerk Carol Wade, when a request for checks go to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation the results usually come back within a week.

The Watering Hole Lounge operating permit and also employees permits were approved in a recent meeting.