Posted 6/17/24

If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat, and keep costs down, here’s a few tips that may help this summer.

Nudge the thermostat up, keep your thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature.

Replace HVAC filter regularly, Change your HVAC air filters regularly, preferably once a month.

Turn off unnecessary lights, Lights emit heat, which can increase room temperatures and make your cooling system work harder.

Use blinds and drapes, Close blinds or drapes during the day, especially on southern and western-facing windows, to block out the sun’s heat.

Run ceiling fans counterclockwise, This direction pushes air straight down, making the room feel cooler.

Minimize use of stoves and ovens, Opt for an outdoor grill, slow cooker or microwave instead.

Schedule heat-producing chores, Perform cooking, cleaning, ironing, and laundry during cooler early morning or evening hours.

Maintain HVAC systems, Regular maintenance and seasonal tune-ups ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently, saving energy and money.