Posted 4/3/24

The pace at which homes sell in the U.S. usually breaks down with homes selling fastest in the summer and slowest in the winter.

The median number of days a home spent on the market in February was 48, five days less than the year before. In Tennessee, the typical home was on the market 73 days.

Here’s a list of counties where homes sold the fastest in Tennessee using data from Redfin.

To be included, counties had at least 100 home sales and are selling quicker than the state median. They are ranked by the median number of days a home was listed before it sold.

This is what the list looks like…

#7-Sevier County, #6-Sullivan County, #5-Bradley County, #4-Washington County, #3-Shelby County, #2-Maury County, and #1-Rutherford County.

The average house selling price is between 216,000 and 480,000 dollars.