Posted 2/27/24

UT Southern proudly announces a remarkable achievement during it’s first-ever FIRE Week, a campaign designed to ignite support and enthusiasm among its students, faculty, alumni, and friends.

The university’s annual Giving Week, the Office of Advancement initially set a goal to engage 250 donors, and the UT Southern community quickly surpassed this target early in the week, leading to the establishment of an ambitious stretch goal of 650 donors.

The response from the community exceeded all expectations, showcasing the profound spirit of generosity and commitment within the UT Southern family.

UT Southern is thrilled to report an unprecedented total count of 1,257 donors, marking a significant achievement in engaging our community and advancing our mission, with a total amount of more than $51 thousand dollars raised.

The funds raised during FIRE Week are earmarked to support various initiatives, including scholarships, research opportunities, campus improvements, athletics investments, and community outreach programs.

UT Southern extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in FIRE Week.