Posted 2/26/24

Snickers is one of America's most beloved candy bars, and has a silly name that rolls off the tongue.

But how did Snickers get it’s name ? The candy bar was named after candy company founders Frank C. and Ethel V. Mars' favorite horse, which sadly passed away just before Snickers the candy bar was released.

The Snickers bar was created in 1930 in Chicago by Frank C. Mars and his son Forrest E. Mars, who had officially joined the family candy-making business the year before. The father-son duo had already created and began manufacturing the Milky Way bar in 1923, which laid the foundation for a successful beginning to their candy-making empire, and also inspired the name for the Mega-Farm in Giles County.

Frank C. and Ethel V. Mars purchased 2,800 acres in Pulaski, and built Milky Way Farm. It was on the Milky Way farm that the Mars family bred and raised Hereford cows and Thoroughbred horses, including the family's beloved Snickers.

Frank Mars died in 1934, Forrest Mars kept his father's company going while operating both branches of Mars independently until the mid-1960s, when they were merged to create Mars Incorporated. Forrest Mars died a billionaire at the age of 95 in 1999.