Posted 3/29/23

It seems nobody is safe from scams these days, including WKSR.

If you get a call that uses the WKSR phone number stating you’ve won a prize, please disregard the call and report it to authorities.

WKSR will never call you to give away a prize, the only call you’ll get from WKSR would be if you’ve been emailed a notice as a winner in a drawing, and there’s been no response in the allotted time.

WKSR will never request your personal information such as driver’s license number, banking information, social security number, or address.

Again, if you receive a call with the WKSR number (931)-363-2505 in the Caller ID, hang-up and report it to authorities, it’s the latest scam to hit our area.

WKSR sincerely apologizes for the confusion caused by this latest scam.