Posted 3/29/23

The owners of a popular Tennessean Truck Stop say that construction is underway on a new store to replace the one claimed by fire nearly two years ago.

Earlier this year the owners of The Tennessean Truck Stop said construction is underway to rebuild the truck stop.

The Tennessean Truck Stop is located off I-65 at Exit 22 in Cornersville.

In October 2022, the truck stop’s owners shared plans for the rebuilding of the Tennessean.

The rebuilt store will feature new amenities, including a full-service cocktail bar, an ice cream shop with donuts and coffee, and a quick-service deli with pizza, wings, and sandwiches. The Tennessean BBQ restaurant will also reopen with the same recipes but expanded seating and a rooftop deck near the second floor bar.

A re-opening date is still a good ways away.