Posted 1/23/23

The Volunteer State’s deer season has drawn to a close. After the final day of the second Young Sportsman’s Deer Hunt, the curtain fell for deer hunters in the 2022-23 season that began way back on September 24th.

Some nine counties across the state had deer harvest totals that exceeded the 3,000 mark. And, there were almost 10, as neighboring Carroll County wound up with 2,999.

Leading the statewide harvest among the state’s 95 counties was Giles County. Hunters there checked in a whopping 4,275 deer this year.

Other counties with harvest figures exceeding 3,000 were Henry, 3,213, Franklin, 3,217, Lawrence, 3,914, Lincoln, 3,074, Maury, 3,555, Montgomery, 3,849, Sumner, 3,542, and Wayne, 3,205. The unofficial statewide harvest stood at 159,919 this season.