Updated May 30, 2019

The new animal shelter manager was announced during the last County Commission meeting.

Morgan Sutton came to Giles County from Unicoi County where she held a similar position.

Deputy Sheriff Randy Boaz will be the county animal control officer working with Sutton at the new shelter.

While Sutton is on the Giles County payroll, opening of the shelter has been moved to July 1, a month later than scheduled.

 Another building is planned to  be constructed at the shelter to provide better care and allow smaller animals be separated from large ones.

 It was reported earlier that approximately $100,000 has been allocated for the larger building, and the existing building also will be used.

The city of Pulaski has agreed to donate 35 percent up to $50,000 of the shelter’s operating expenses per year.

 Sutton will also work with volunteers and assist developing policies for the shelter.

A proposed 2019-20 budget of $170,051 for the animal shelter was recommended.