Updated May 28, 2019

Tennessee State Troopers say they are expecting a high volume of traffic to start on the roadways. While they are prepared to respond to accidents, troopers recommend a few things drivers can do to ensure their own safety on the roads this summer.

Troopers say people tend to be less patient during the summer and  road rage is a reason for many incidents.

There tends to be more construction in the summer months so impatience and improper merging in construction zones causes a traffic headache for everyone.

Gas Buddy's 2019 Summer Travel Survey concludes that 75% of Americans will take a road trip this summer, a 16% increase from last year.

Tennessee Troopers say left lane cruising on road trips is one traffic violation that leads to many other issues.

According to law officers, when someone occupies the left lane it can lead to road rage and then to tailgating, which could also lead to improper passing or someone taking a chance to cut a person off because they simply did not get over.

Troopers say if you find yourself with a broken down vehicle while traveling this summer to pull over, turn on your flashers and raise your hood and state trooper will help you.