Updated 09/14/2017

Updated 09.13/2017

Updated 09/13/2017

Updated 09/12/2017

The hundreds of residents from states impacted by Hurricane Irma living in cities across Tennessee who are unable to work could file unemployment insurance.

The out-of-state residents who plan to stay in Tennessee for an extended period of time because their homes or places of employment suffered damage are eligible to file. Also, a displaced worker may be eligible for the benefit, but should file for unemployment benefits in the state where he or she has permanent employment.

Typically, a state can directly deposit a displaced worker’s benefits into their bank account, making the funds accessible to them while staying in Tennessee.

Because the federal government will most likely declare areas impacted by the hurricane a federal disaster area, unemployment insurance may be available to persons who typically would not be entitled to benefits.  For example, small business owners and independent contractors may be eligible for benefits through a disaster work grant. 

Updated 09/11/2017