Updated 12/22/2017

Updated 12/21/2017

Updated 12/19/2017

Updated 12/19/2017

A research professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas says he has discovered a cancer-fighting compound.

Dr. Shiyou Li said he and his team have found something “promising” in a plant known to wreak havoc in East Texas lakes.

The U.S. patent Dr. Li has applied for would be for an anti-cancer compound that is found in giant salvinia, an invasive plant species found in many lakes in Texas, but that is native to Brazil.

Lab trials show this new compound can slow or even stop the growth of cancer cells, including pancreatic and lung cancer cells.

With no roadblocks and the right funding this could go to market in 10 to 15 years.

Updated 12/18/2017