Updated: April 16, 2018

The Giles County Commission met this (Monday) morning and disposed of a couple of measures in short order.

In the first order of business the commission voted in favor of the county board of equalization members and county board hearing officers to complete their continuing education. .

The commission by a 2/3 majority  and 14 to 5,  voted in favor of placing a non-binding referendum on the ballot in the August 2nd election. This would allow voters to decide if they wanted to proceed with a property tax increase for a new high school and other building projects for the school system.

This referendum would ask the voters to approve a property tax increase of 51.8 cents for a 53 million dollars school construction program in the county. But because it is non-binding the commissioners can decide how they would like to finance the building program whether it passes in August or not.

Schools director Phillip Wright spoke before the commission reminding them that there are many alternatives to financing a school construction program for the county.

The results of the election in August will give the Giles County commission an idea how the public feels about the issue.