Updated: 2/7/2018

Hourly workers at the General Motors Spring Hill Manufacturing Facility will receive bonus checks of $11,750, the automaker said Tuesday.

After a year of working mostly six days a week and 12-hour shifts, they earned them, United Auto Workers Local 1853 Chairman Mike Herron said. Union members who logged at least 1,850 hours in 2017 will receive the profit-sharing payment in their paychecks Feb. 23.

According to media sources more than 2,800 UAW members in Spring Hill will be eligible for the bonus on a full or prorated basis. The money comes as part of the union’s collective-bargaining agreement with GM. The latest deal runs through 2019.

“Team members are treated like owners of the company through the bonus program,” Herron said. “They have a real stake in the success of General Motors.”

Under the UAW agreement with GM, workers received $1,000 in bonus money for every $1 billion in North American profit up to a maximum of $12,000.