Posted 12/8/23

Area Sheriff Departments are warning of scam calls, and other scams in the area.

Authorities say someone is making calls while posing as a detective. The caller is telling people to pay a fine for missing jury duty.

Authorities say those calls are not legitimate, and people should just hang up.

Also this time of year people prey on your kindness and sense of giving, Avoid giving cash. Always ask for a receipt and pay close attention to the name of the nonprofit organization.

Don't forget there are many ways to give, such as volunteering your time.

If a paid fundraiser asks you for a donation, ask how much the fundraiser keeps and how much goes to the nonprofit.

To see if a charity is registered with the Division of Business and Charitable Organizations or to report any false, misleading or deceptive fundraising activity, call 615-741-2555 or visit