Posted 12/8/23

Voters in Limestone County, One of the fastest growing counties in Alabama, rejected the renewal of property taxes that help fund public schools.

With 96% of the votes counted, the unofficial results of Tuesday’s special election show that voters said no to renewing three different property tax regimes that help fund schools in Limestone County.

If approved, the ballot measures would have maintained taxation at current levels.

There were four measures on the ballot. Limestone County voters rejected two separate countywide public school taxes, both by a wide margin. One is a 4.5 mill tax and the other is a 1 mill tax.

They also rejected the 3 mill public school tax renewal for parts of the county that do not include the city school systems.

Turnout was just a fraction of the county’s 77,961 registered voters casting ballots.

Voters approved maintaining the current 3 mill tax for Athens City Schools, by a margin 10% margin.