Posted 12/8/23

Many law enforcement agencies are combatting impaired driving during the holiday season, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

While sobriety checkpoints will be plentiful during the holidays, Forbes released a report on the worst states for drunk driving in 2023. Tennessee found itself just outside the top ten.

Tennessee was ranked #12.

The Volunteer State had more than 26 of traffic deaths caused by drunk drivers, according to the report. Also, Tennessee had more than 260 DUI arrests and five drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes, per 100,000 drivers.

THP troopers will be holding checkpoints throughout December, alongside local police departments and sheriff’s offices.

Tis the season, but it is never the season to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs! That is why during the month of December, troopers will be holding checkpoints. So please designate a sober driver and always buckle your seat belt.