Posted 12/8/23

FlightAware shows the plane that crashed in Giles County near Diana was coming from Knoxville and destined for Pulaski but never made it to the airport.

The Giles County Sheriff’s Department said at about 11am the Federal Aviation Administration lost contact with the pilot.

Emergency crews later found the plane crashed into the side of a hill in a rural backyard. The State Medical Examiner and the FAA are investigating.

It took a few minutes for first responders to access the crash site, but once they arrived, they found the plane in pieces, according to the Director of Emergency Services for Giles County.

The two people on board have not yet been identified. FlightAware said the plane is registered with Plantation Reclaimed Inc., a wood reclaiming business in Knoxville.

Giles County EMS said they are not sure if others were on the plane. They don’t know how long the crash site and nearby driveway will be closed for the investigation.