Posted 11/22/23

Steve Johnson, the drummer for the Grammy Award-winning band Alabama Shakes, has been arrested on charges of child abuse.

The musician was taken into custody after a grand jury in Limestone County, Alabama, indicted him on charges of willful torture, willful abuse, and cruelly beating or otherwise willfully maltreating a child under the age of 18.

Details surrounding the allegations remain scarce as authorities have not released specific information about the case.

The Alabama Shakes, known for their soulful blend of blues, rock, and Southern influences, have yet to release an official statement regarding their drummer’s arrest.

The band, which formed in 2009 and rose to fame with hits like “Hold On” and “Don’t Wanna Fight,” is currently on a hiatus, with members pursuing solo projects.

The future of the band and Johnson’s role within it remains uncertain as legal proceedings continue.