Posted 11/22/23

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has received a positive Chronic Wasting Disease test result in a hunter harvested deer in Lewis County.

This is the first positive Chronic Wasting Disease case for Lewis County and will result in changes to feeding and carcass transportation regulations. Current hunting season dates, units, and bag limits are not affected.

Effective immediately, Lewis County is subject to the following wildlife feeding and carcass transportation restrictions: Deer carcasses can move within and between counties in the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone.

Hunters may not move whole or field-dressed deer carcasses or unapproved parts outside of Chronic Wasting Disease affected counties. Only approved parts may be moved out of Chronic Wasting Disease affected counties. Once a carcass is brought into the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone, it cannot be moved out of the zone.

Feeding and carcass transportation restrictions are an important tool to prevent Chronic Wasting Disease from spreading. The agency will increase testing and surveillance efforts in Lewis County to monitor the disease.

Hunter participation in CWD testing is critical for the continued surveillance and monitoring of CWD throughout the state. Hunters can access Chronic Wasting Disease testing through participating taxidermists and meat processors, or by using drop-off freezers.