Posted 11/20/23

In a dose of good news…The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced turnaround times for sexual assault kits have been cut in half.

Governor Bill Lee has called the news “encouraging,” but advocates are pushing for the TBI to cut the time even more.

Forensic testing can often produce a threat of information that the common eye cannot see.

The statewide conversation around sexual assault kit turnaround times was sparked after the death of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher. She was abducted and killed after going for an early morning run. Her alleged killer was linked to a rape case from a year earlier, leaving lawmakers wondering what took so long to link the cases.

Advocates said the news is encouraging, but hope it spreads to other departments that handle sexual assault kits as well.

If you or someone you know needs help, the Sexual Assault Center encourages you to contact the Statewide 24-Hour Crisis & Support Line at 1-866-811-7473.