Posted 11/10/23

Former Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely has a new lawyer based out of Montgomery, and that attorney is moving to change the terms of his continued incarceration.

Blakely has been held in the Franklin County Detention Center since late February.

Blakely was sentenced to 3 years in a county jail back in 2021, but he didn’t begin serving his sentence until February, after his direct appeals were denied. After about 8 months in jail, Blakely’s new lawyer is asking the judge to transfer his sentence to the supervision of Limestone County Community Corrections. She also says Blakely has serious health issues and that he will require significant treatment in the future.

Prosecutors with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office filed a response opposing the request to modify Blakely’s sentence.

The state says community corrections would essentially send Blakely home on probation and the state department of corrections would have to approve that.

The judge in the case, retired Marshall County Circuit Judge Tim Jolley, has yet to issue a ruling on the matter.