Posted 11/8/23

In a continuation of an earlier story about pathogenic avian influenza in Marshall County, Alabama, Poultry producers are on high alert in Tennessee with their flocks after the highly pathogenic avian influenza was recently detected on a Lincoln County, Tennessee farm.

The Tennessee State Animal Health technician told authorities in Lincoln County that a case of highly pathogenic avian influenza has been detected on a farm in Lincoln County.

Authorities advised those who are raising poultry, both commercially and those with smaller flocks, to continue following good biosecurity practices.

One of the symptoms of the disease to look for is severe respiratory problems in fowl, followed by death, and also dead vultures in the area as they prey on the infected dead birds and die to catching the influenza.

To Reporting Sick or Dead Farm Poultry,Nationally, sick or dead farm birds can be reported to USDA toll-free at 1-866-536-7593, or in Tennessee, contact the State Veterinarian's Office at 615-837-5120.