Posted 9/19/23

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation…A wish comes true for a 15-year-old Tennessee girl who is going through a lot with her health.

A Beth Page Farm is seeing it’s fourth generation on the farm and the sixth generation in the community.

But, it’s the community that stepped forward with all the comfort they could give when Briley (A 15 year old girl) was delivered some difficult news, she was diagnosed with malignant ovarian cancer.

The people of Beth Page banded together raising $72,000 for Briley and the gifts weren't finished. A large number of people started arriving at the family farm leaving school early driving up to the house. It was clear there was a surprise waiting.

There was a stranger near the house… Is that mine or did somebody's cow get over here?. A partnership of Make a Wish Middle Tennessee and the Tractor Supply Foundation has brought the cow to Briley.  It was Briley’s now and she was overwhelmed with happiness.

He's very cute. I’ll name him Homer. Whenever I saw him, I was like, he just looks like a Homer….and so another story begins…