Posted 8/25/23

An underage alcohol sting in Giles County revealed some very discouraging results. According to investigators, the sting began in June of this year. Investigators said they sent underage people into 11 stores across the county.

Seven of the stores asked for ID when they tried to buy alcohol, but four stores sold alcohol to them without asking for ID.

According to investigators, many of those four stores sold to underage buyers multiple times, and one store on North First Street reportedly sold to a minor five times.

A few weeks later, investigators targeted the same store, with the same results. This store has now had their suspended for 30 days, and the store’s owner was fined $10,000 and the store is on probation for a year.

Long time Giles County Sheriff’s Investigator Mike Thomason said the results of his operation were upsetting.

Of the four stores that broke the law, Thomason said the one on North First Street sold to a minor five times.

Deputies have cited all the clerks who sold to minors.