Posted 8/23/2023

According to information provided by County Commissioner Erin Curry...
After a Marathon County Commission meeting Monday night lasting almost 2.5 hours.  
The commission approved moving forward with the schematic design of the first phase of courthouse repairs, with one commissioner voting no and one abstaining.   
The assessment of 5 other county buildings failed 5-16.   
The Commission unanimously approved purchasing a new backhoe for the Solid Waste department. 
Eight non-profits were approved for funding, including:
- Kids Place at $2,500 passed 17-4. 
- New Canaan at $6,800 passed 19-2.
- Senior Center at $20,000 passed 20-1.
- Boys and Girls Club at $2,500 passed 16-5.
- Chamber Tourism at $24,710 passed 12-8-1 abstain.  
- Community Development Center at $2,500 passed 16-5.
- Decisions, Choicies, Options at $2,000 passed 14-7.  
- Giles County Veterans Alliance at $2,500 passed 18-2-1 abstain.