Posted 8/18/23

The Tennessee State Fair has some new experiences this year. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is announcing the “Pick Tennessee Products Experience” that highlights the importance of agriculture and products made by Tennessee farmers and foresters.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Tennessee’s various crops, livestock, and wood products as well as the history and evolution of agriculture in the state. The exhibit features interactive displays and demonstrations on topics such as cooking, forestry, floral arrangement, insects, and sheep shearing.

The highlight of the Pick Tennessee Products Experience is the Pick Tennessee Products store. Tennessee-made jams, cheeses, chocolates, popcorn, ice cream, sauces, teas, knitted wool products, hardwood cutting boards, and soaps are among the products available for purchase at the fair.

Youngsters are in for a treat also, The Kid’s Ag Scavenger Hunt is designed to give youth a comprehensive look at highlights from Tennessee’s agriculture industry as they collect a stamp at each stop on the map.

The Tennessee State Fair runs from August 17th through 26th, 2023 at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon.