Posted 8/17/23

A settlement between the Tuohy’s and former NFL player Michael Oher may be on the horizon.

The Tuohy’s Legal Counsel has said the Tuohy’s want to end a conservatorship that Oher is challenging in court.

Oher filed a petition Monday in a Tennessee probate court accusing the Tuohy’s of lying to him by having him sign papers making them his conservators rather than his adoptive parents nearly two decades ago.

Oher, now 37, wants a full accounting of assets considering his life story produced millions of dollars, though he says he received nothing from the Oscar-nominated movie “The Blind Side.”

The couple’s attorneys also said that the Tuohy’s and Oher have been estranged for about a decade.

The legal wrangling has just begun, and WKSR will keep you updated on this story.