Posted 8/14/23

The story that made national headlines and was very close to our area has hit Television nationwide…

Abducted By My Teacher-The Elizabeth Thomas Story premiered Saturday, August 12th on Lifetime, followed by Beyond the Headlines: The Elizabeth Thomas Story with Elizabeth Smart.

Thomas, 22, got married in 2019 has joined forces with Elizabeth Smart to tell her story in a Lifetime movie and companion documentary, trusting she was in good hands.

"I'm tired of hiding," Thomas said of her decision to reopen her life to scrutiny. The fear of the community bashing me, they've done it for so long and I've just kind of hid in my own little corner. I'm tired of letting those people get to me, and I want other people to see that I'm not scared of them.

The show aired over the weekend and will be repeated at various other times on Lifetime, and can also be viewed on demand and online.