Posted 5/26/23

In an update to an earlier story…


A miraculous reunion happened months after a Summertown man was murdered and his beloved pet bird went missing.

Patrick Barger, 25, was found shot on St. Patrick’s Day in a workshop in Summertown, and his green-cheeked conure named “Rikka” was missing.

The Lawrence County family never gave up hope they’d find Rikka, and now their prayers have been answered.

The prayer was answered with a phone call from a stranger dozens of miles away. Lee Norman was in his parent’s barn when he did a double take. The bird was found on a rafter in the Lee Family barn, captured, and after searching social media, returned to the Barger Family.

An emotional reunion was caught on video as Rikka flew to Bridget’s head, reassuring the heartbroken mom she had found her son’s bird.