Posted 5/24/23

The University of Alabama in Huntsville a part of The University of Alabama System, announces its Dean’s and President’s lists for the spring 2023 semester.

Local Students include…. Amy Edelman, Zoe Johnson, and Jordan Munoz-Puente all or Ardmore, Alabama…Dean's List, Jennifer Franks of Ardmore….President's List, William Barnett, Arthjeet Singh of Ardmore, Tennessee….Dean's List, Arilynn Steele of Ardmore….President’s List.

Matthew Clifton, Bailey Shaffer, Michael Stafford all of Lawrenceburg….Dean’s List.

Christopher Edwards, Kye-lei Fears, Christopher James II, Ellie Reynolds, all of Pulaski….Dean’s List.

Avonlea Benefield, Laura Chambliss, Elijah Shannon all of Leoma….Dean’s List, Patrick Gray of Leoma….President’s List.