Posted 3/16/23

After a couple filed a lawsuit against the Lincoln County government seeking relief from the whiskey fungus that is destroying their home and business, others in the community have joined the lawsuit.

J.B. Cox, the chancellor for Tennessee’s 17th District Chancery Court ruled in February that Jack Daniels and parent company Brown-Forman Corp. has not followed the required processes to build and expand a barrelhouse operation and ordered a work stoppage effective immediately.

Cox ruled that Brown-Forman had illegally constructed six barrel houses located just yards from a business owned by the Long’s (Patrick & Christy), in that area since 2018. The lawsuit alleged that Lincoln County failed to take appropriate action to halt the illegal construction.

Other residents say their home, cars, horse stables and all of the trees have been destroyed by the alcohol-fed black fungus or the liquor that evaporates that’s fueled by the whiskey’s aging process.

Several other residents have joined this lawsuit, and it look like this will be a long drawn-out legal process.