Posted 2/16/23

Two National Guardsmen were killed in a Harvest helicopter crash on Wednesday on Highway 53 in Alabama.

This is the release from the National Guard…

At approximately 3:00pm CST Wednesday, a Tennessee National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter crashed while conducting a training flight near Highway 53 and Burwell Road in Huntsville, Alabama. The Madison County Sherriff’s Department in Alabama responded to the crash site and reported two crew members onboard were killed.

No other service members or civilians were harmed in this incident. Federal and state authorities are investigating the crash. The Tennessee National Guard will support law enforcement and other first responders handling the crash site and provide more information as details become available.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Hwy. 53, Jeff Road, Douglas Road and the highway stretch between Research Park Blvd. and Jeff Road will be closed until further notice.