Posted 2/15/23

A proposed Tennessee bill is looking to lower the minimum age requirement to own and carry a handgun.

The bill would lower the age requirement to obtain a handgun carry permit or lawfully carry a handgun in public from 21 to 18.

This would allow anyone who is 18 to be in possession of an enhanced, lifetime-enhanced, or concealed handgun carry permit.

Certain military service requirements would also be removed as part of the bill. Currently, active military members 18 years or older can own and carry a handgun.

The new bill prohibits anyone under 21 from transporting or storing a firearm or any ammunition in a parking area that is owned, operated, or in use by a school.

The Senate version of this proposal, SB 1498, passed on its second consideration on February 6th and is now in the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee.