Posted 12/7/22

Vaping is a very serious problem in the Giles County School System.

Giles County, Sheriff Kyle Helton said the vaping problem in schools could be labeled, an epidemic.

School Resource Officers spend much of their day investigating vape issues, and the SRO’s who work in the two high schools and middle schools said kids are using vapes in classrooms and in hallways, hiding the vapes.

SRO’s said the students often hide vapes in bathrooms, in ceiling tiles, or around toilets, for their fellow classmates to use later. The SRO’s say they’ve confiscated hundreds of vapes from schools and students over the last few years.

SRO’s say the students get addicted to the nicotine high.

Sheriff Kyle Helton said his officers spend much of their time in schools working vaping cases, which takes away from other important duties.

When told that 1 in 10 students vape across the nation, Giles County SROs said it’s actually more here in Giles County.

SRO’s say enforcement is one avenue to decrease the problem, but they believe parents must get more involved also. The Sheriff’s Department say they’re doing active enforcement at stores that might sell vapes illegally to students.