Updated 11/06/2017

Some Summertown residents at a Sunday meeting blamed crop-dusting on the illnesses of 13 local people and deaths of 13 animals, but others, including farmers, said the only substances being sprayed are harmless cover crops, according to media reports.

The meeting, held at the Brace Community Church in Summertown, was assembled by a local group that calls itself Citizens for Clean Air, Water and Food.

Rocky and Betsy Stone led the meeting, sharing some of the more than two dozen Pesticide Investigation Request Forms he had on hand. The complaints included sickness, breathing problems, rashes and pets that were found dead.

The residents making the complaints list home addresses on Otha Road, Brace Road, Bridy Road, Brace Loop and Hannah Road.

However, some people at the meeting stated there is no evidence linking the deaths and illnesses to the spray.

Rocky Stone claims an herbicide called Dicamba is being sprayed, but local farmer Jon Rose said the only substances being used are cover crops and do not contain genetically modified organisms.