Updated 10/18/2017

A college student was arrested after being accused of trying to poison her roommate.

A Tennessee State University student was charged with adulteration of food, liquid or pharmaceuticals and bodily injury, which is a felony.

An affidavit stated the victim described having health issues over the course of several weeks, including weight loss, appetite suppression and diarrhea. She was unable to determine what was causing the problems.

She learned through Snap Chat, that her roommate had been tampering with her water bottles in their dorm room at TSU, which caused her illness.  Video showed the roommate getting water from a toilet in a styrofoam cup and pouring the liquid into the victim's water bottles that she kept on her side of the room.

The accused can be heard in the video saying her roommate is going to get sick from this, and laughing while she transfered the liquid.

The accused was booked in jail Tuesday afternoon on a $7,500 bond.  No court date has been set.