Updated 10/17/2017

A Middle Tennessee school district is being criticized for how it handles allegations of inappropriate contact with student, according to media reports.

Shelley Safford said her daughter was sexually assaulted in the school cafeteria at Columbia Central High School. She told News 4 she thinks the district isn’t doing enough.

The incident was reportedly caught on camera. Safford said the School Resource Officer filed criminal charges, and the boy received three days suspension.

He also was told to have no contact with his victim but, Safford said, within a few days, the boy was making gestures at her daughter in the hallway and confronting her in the parking lot.

Safford has filed an order of protection against her daughter's alleged attacker. She also has contacted a lawyer because she feels her daughter’s Title 9 rights have been violated.

Maury County Public Schools says through an email that the incident was handled in accordance with school board policy.

This is the same district where former teacher Tad Cummins is accused of having inappropriate contact with a student. Eventually, the two ran off together.