Updated 10/09/2017

October is Fraud and Financial Awareness Month. One out of every 20 older adults has experienced some sort of financial mistreatment, and one of the biggest problems is financial exploitation. 

Last year in Tennessee, approximately 32 percent of the financial exploitation cases against the elderly were reported by family members, friends and clergy, while nearly 61 percent of the abuse was reported by professionals like doctors and social workers.

Common signs to look for is you suspect elder abuse, neglect or financial exploitation are: sudden changes in the person's financial condition, large withdrawals from the person's bank account or withdrawals from an ATM when the account holder is bed-ridden, unpaid bills, utilities are cut off, there's no food in the home or there's a drastic change in the person's quality of life.

If you suspect elder abuse, call the Pulaski Police Department at 424-4404 or the Giles County Sheriff's Office at 363-3505.