Updated 10/03/2017

The TNStars College Savings 529 Program is in its fifth year, and the program has helped families save more than $100 million dollars for college, according to the Tennessee Department of Treasury.

Contributions and earnings in a TNStars account can grow tax-free to help cover costs associated with higher-education. The accounts can be used to pay for tuition and fees, books, room and board, computers, office supplies and more. Not limited only to schools in Tennessee, the investment can be applied to any qualified institution of higher education that accepts federal financial aid.

TNStars is offering an incentive of $100 dollars for Tennesseans with 529 accounts in other states to rollover their entire account balances to a TNStars account. Residents can rollover to an existing account or start new accounts at TNStars.com.

Over the last month, TNStars has asked local Tennesseans to help make the celebration special by sharing on social media what makes higher education important to them. If you want to share, go to TNStars.com/birthday.